As the number one water filtration company for gardening and hydroponics in Europe, GrowMax Water™ now offers clean, contaminant-free water to gardeners across America. No matter how small or large your garden is, or whether you grow indoors or out, we have the perfect system to meet your needs. You can be confident that with a GrowMax Water™ filtration system, your plants will get the healthy water they deserve, enhancing your success as a gardener year after year.

Tomatoes: 94% Water

FACT: Fruits and vegetables contain up to 96% water.

Experienced gardeners well know the need for nutrient-rich soil, quality seeds, steady sun, and the importance of clean water for a healthy garden. GrowMax Water™ filtration systems are an economical solution, designed and engineered specifically to reduce/remove chlorine, pesticides, and VOC’s to deliver clean contaminant-free water to your precious garden.

FACT: Clean water helps yield clean veggies.

The saying “you are what you eat” is more relevant than ever, especially when staying healthy in today’s polluted world is a priority. Recognizing that the food you grow in your garden uptakes the water you put on it, the importance of garden water filtration becomes quite clear.

FACTS about chlorine and pesticides.

Chlorine is a toxic chemical disinfectant found in tap water. Chlorinated water can have negative effects on plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables during their growing cycles. Eliminating chlorine from the water you use in your garden helps to ensure that you get the cleanest, strongest, and healthiest plants possible.

THREE SYSTEM MODELS designed to deliver premium quality water
to any type of growing and gardening.