GrowMax Water ECO GROW 240 - Two-Stage Garden Water Filtration System - Eliminate up to 99% of Chlorine and Contaminants (10,000 gallons / 37,900 liters)

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ECO GROW 240 Two-Stage Garden Water Filtration System

Two-stage filtration system designed and engineered specifically for balconies, patios, and indoor/outdoor potted plants. Eliminate up to 99% chlorine and contaminants in your garden water.

Indoor Watering

Potted Plants & Flowers

Balcony & Deck Planters

GrowMax Water Filtration is the SOLUTION!

Tomatoes: 94% Water

Fruits and vegetables are up to 96% water, so whatever is in your water goes into your food! Keep your garden clean with contaminant-free water.

FACT: Your garden uptakes the water you put on it. Clean filtered garden water is critical for health- conscious gardeners. who care about the food they grow and eat.

Remove chlorine, solids, and volatile compounds, and use clean contaminant-free water in your home vegetable garden, fruit trees, and indoor plants.

Product Features

1. Filter Bracket: Weather resistant powder coated steel bracket integrates with GMW mounting stake.

2. GMW Filter Housings: Double O-ring seals provide water-tight filter housings. UV-safe opaque housings prevent algae and bacteria growth.

3. FloCheck™ Regulator: Regulates water-to-filter contact time for optimum filtration.

4. Water Tubing Connections: Simply connect your hoses, and you are ready to grow!

5. MaxPur™ Sediment Filter: Removes sediment and other solids, extending the performance and life of the CleanGreen™ filter.

6. GMW CleanGreen™ Carbon Block Filter: GMW green carbon block filter significantly improves the water quality that your plants use to grow.

Product Benefits

Increases the effectiveness of your nutrients and fertilizers.

Healthier, higher-yielding plants, flowers, gardens, fruits, and vegetables.

Strengthens plant roots and protects your soil’s beneficial bacteria.

A must-have product for organic gardeners!

Easy replacement of our CleanGreen™ Carbon Block and MaxPur™ sediment filters.

Product Specifications

Easy to place and connect to your garden hose spigot.

Option to use the indoor connector to install to any 1/2″ cold water inlet.

Height: 14″ Weight: 7.7 Lbs.

Rated to treat approximately 10,000 gallons (37,900 liters) of garden water @ 1ppm chlorine.

Instructions & User Manual

ECO GROW 240 Two-Stage Garden Water Filtration System

The GrowMax Water™ CleanGreen™ Carbon Block filter is designed specifically to deliver clean, contaminant-free water to your entire garden. Your filter is easily replaced in just minutes when needed.

The GrowMax Water™ two-stage filtration process creates absolutely no waste water, so that all of your garden water makes it to your plants. This eco-friendly design is great for your garden and great for the environment.

Mounting stake included!

Easily place your ECO GROW 240 anywhere in your yard or garden!